Does a Kid Friendly Dentist in Marietta Use Nitrous Oxide and/or Oxygen?


A kid-friendly dentist may recommend sedation for young patients who may be experiencing dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide is one of the major types of sedation that dentists provide. Nitrous oxide and oxygen have been used in dental treatments for several decades. It is a safe process that helps to minimize a child’s stress level during and after a dental procedure. Parents are worried about their child’s safety when it comes to using nitrous oxide and oxygen, which is why it can be beneficial to continue reading to know what is involved.

Overview of nitrous oxide as a sedative

Nitrous oxide, popularly known as “laughing gas,” is the mildest method of sedation available for dental treatments. Therefore, it is more commonly used for children. It can be managed easily and does not have any effect on heart rate or adverse effects on the lungs, heart, liver or any major organ. Nitrous oxide is odorless, and when used with oxygen, does not interfere with regular breathing in any way. The margin of nitrous oxide to oxygen is like 30 percent to 70 percent, so the effect is mild.

If a child needs nitrous oxide, the kid-friendly dentist will fit a small mask over their nose and ask them to breathe as usual. If the child is okay wearing the soft mask and breathing through the nose, they will have no issue with the nitrous oxide. Since nitrous oxide poses no threat and the usage is easy, the kid-friendly dentist can use it for regular cleaning if the child feels anxious or has had an unpleasant experience at the dentist’s office in the past. However, it is mostly used for more serious procedures, like filling tooth cavities.

The effects of nitrous oxide

After administration, the child will feel relaxed, happy and at ease without getting too drowsy. The name “laughing gas” is derived from patients feeling a bit giddy and cheery. The child will still be able to understand and respond to the kid-friendly dentist’s instructions throughout the process. Their hands and legs may feel slightly heavy, but they can still move around. The effects of nitrous oxide disappear only a few minutes after taking off the mask, so there is almost no recovery time needed before the child gets back to normal.

Nitrous oxide does not take away sensation completely – it only minimizes pain and eases a child’s concerns about the procedure. In addition to the laughing gas, the kid-friendly dentist will also use a local anesthetic to numb the child’s mouth if an invasive or complex dental treatment is required. This will keep the child completely comfortable.

Final thoughts

If a child is worried about visiting the dental office or coming for a dental procedure, the kid-friendly dentist will try to explain in friendly terms what treatment will be done and how the nitrous oxide will help put them at ease. Before the treatment starts, parents and their kids need to feel comfortable and prepared. In most cases, nitrous oxide can make children look forward to revisiting the dentist.

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